When Birds Get Inside Your Home

When Birds Get Inside Your Home

Outdoor spaces just aren’t the same without colorful, chirping birds that flutter and dance before our eyes. Unfortunately, birds have a troublesome habit of getting into indoor spaces that aren’t made for wild animals. The problem is especially acute during the cool season. If you’re dealing with bird problems in the home, you need to know what causes indoor bird infestations and what you can do about them.

Why Do Birds Come Inside?

Birds come inside for many different reasons. In some cases, indoor spaces mimic birds’ natural habitats or provide suitable, sheltered locations for the construction of nests or perches.

In other cases, carnivorous birds follow small animals like mice inside. With a steady supply of prey, they find it easier to remain inside than brave the uncertain outside world.

Even birds that don’t hunt indoor pests may be drawn to easily accessible food sources, including grains and seeds, inside the home.

How Do Birds Get Inside Your Home?

The chimney isn’t the only way that a bird can enter your house; exhaust vents and small holes in your roof are also prime targets. If you didn’t actually see the stray bird come out of your fireplace, check your attic to see if there are more of them living on your property. 3. Put screens on your windows and doors

Birds tend to spend more time indoors during the cool season. Some of the most common pest species inside Arizona homes include:

  • House sparrows that can easily penetrate small holes and vents
  • Woodpeckers that can easily break apart wooden structural elements to create nests or food sources
  • Birds of prey that use sheltered areas as perches

How to Handle Birds Inside the Home Source

It can be overwhelming and even frightening to deal with birds inside the home. Fortunately, there are a number of proven strategies that can help mitigate the problem:

  • Cut off carnivorous birds’ food sources by controlling indoor pests like mice and rats
  • Install ventilation screens and other barriers to entry
  • Patch holes and other “weak points” in your home’s siding, roof, foundation line and garage
  • Put out a bird feeder to discourage food-seeking behavior inside the home
  • Call a professional to handle stubborn infestations

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