Woodpecker Deterrent Kit

Woodpeckers can cause immense damage to your home and property and be a constant annoyance. Unlike other birds, woodpeckers can land or grip onto virtually any surface, making them an incredibly difficult pest to deter. That’s why we’ve put together a kit to help you deter woodpeckers in an easy, humane way.

Our Woodpecker Deterrent Kit includes 5 products to help you deter these pests, depending on your situation:

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Bird spikes deter woodpeckers and other birds from landing on large, open ledges, such as chimneys or rooftop peaks.

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De-Fence Plastic Spikes

De-Fence spikes are most effective when used on smaller ledges, pipes, and other irregular surfaces woodpeckers may be landing.

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Flash Tape

Flash tape reflects light from the sun and scares birds away from open areas with “flashes” of light.

Suet Feeder w/Suet

Many times, woodpeckers are simply looking for food and think they may find bugs by pecking out holes in siding, soffits, or roofs. A feeder can often discourage woodpeckers from pecking at a house, eliminating the damage they would otherwise cause.

Handheld Scare Laser

Visible lasers scare birds, similar to flash tape. The Handheld Scare Laser can be used to deter woodpeckers in the act at any time without the need to install any permanent or semi-permanent deterrent products.