Conwy Road Bridge repair bill rises as pigeon poo hides rust

Conwy Road Bridge repair bill rises as pigeon poo hides rust

Conwy road bridge, now infested with pigeons faces a huge repair bill due to hidden droppings.

Conwy Road bridge, infested with pigeons

Bridge repair costs have more than doubled because pigeon poo disguised rust.

Council officials struck a deal for the work on Conwy Road Bridge in 2016.

But the costs shot up by £844,000 to £1.53m after an inspection revealed rust on the structure was hidden by the birds’ droppings.

Conwy council chief executive Iwan Davies said it was not possible to identify the extent of the works but a councillor said it was “disappointing”.

Repairs for the two lane bridge, which takes traffic across the town’s estuary, were sent out to tender in 2016.

But a report by the council’s audit committee said the “considerable” extra work needed had not been found originally because of “access” problems.

“The additional works…significantly impacted the total cost of the works,” the report said.


Gele ward councillor Andrew Wood said: “I can’t believe we’ve not made more of an issue about this refurbishment, it’s plus £844,000.

“If the council tendered with all that information in the first place then it would have cost less. But we’re in a situation now where we have to carry on, so I’m disappointed.”

Mr Davies added: “It wasn’t an overspend as such, it was a re-calibration of what needed to be done.”

Pigeons Huddle for Warmth At “L” Stops

Pigeons Huddle for Warmth At “L” Stops

Dozens of Pigeons crowding the L station

Dozens of birds crowding the station

CHICAGO (CBS) — Commuters are calling it everything from cute to disgusting – dozens of pigeons warming themselves under the heating lamps at Loop ‘L’ stops.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, pigeons have crowded into the heat lamp stalls on the platforms to the point where there is no place for humans left to stand.

“It’s like we’re being supplanted by the pigeons,” one woman said.

Most people politely let the pigeons have the space, but that may have something to do with all the pigeon poop on the platform under the heaters.

“It’s kind of funny,” the commuter said. “It’s also so dirty that people don’t even dare, trying to make their own way and get some space for themselves.”

The commuter was giving the pigeons a wide berth, noting the smell.

“I think it’s cute and disgusting at the same time.”

The Chicago Transit Authority says it has only gotten two complaints about pigeons this winter. But one man waiting for an ‘L’ train was quite unhappy.

“It’s disgusting that these birds are and the city is not doing anything about it,” he said. Pigeon droppings are known to carry a host of viruses and cause health problems.

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