10 Sparrow Facts

10 Sparrow Facts

Looking to learn more about sparrows? Keep on reading to find out 10 sparrow facts!Learn How to Easily Identify Sparrows

Sparrow is a species of small Passerine birds, also acknowledged as True sparrows or Old world Sparrows. It originates from North Africa and is also found in Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America. Sparrows cannot be found in forests or deserts, unlike other birds. It prefers being in close association to human settlement, including urban and rural areas. They inhabit on ideal sparrow habitat nesting on buildings, roofs, and houses.

Sparrows are brown-grey chubby birds. They have short tails with stubby and powerful beaks. These are effortless flying birds with small size and bodies. These creatures make their way to the air creating a splendid sight to see. Sparrows are considered to be extreme vocal birds of all times. The sizes of these birds vary according to the region they inhabit. Sparrows are similar to other seed-eating birds except they possess an extra bone in tongue and an outer primary feather. On the other hand, cheeky sparrows have a diverse range of colors varying from sandy blonde to a rich red color. source

10 Sparrow FactsGroup of Tree Sparrows sitting on the fence

  1. Sparrows have both genders males and females which can be easily distinguished by feather coloration. Females possess brown backs with stripes while males possess reddish backs and black bibs.
  2. Sparrows are said to be the social creatures. They live in colonies which are commonly mentioned to as flocks.
  3. Sparrows are primarily carnivorous by nature i.e. they are meat eaters. They learn to change their eating habit more frequently while they live in close association with Sparrows primarily eat moths and also feed on small insects. They can also feed on seeds, fruits, and berries.
  4. Sparrows easily adapt to the life in human settlements due to the constant supply of food. These creatures learn to eat food which they are provided by the people when people build their bird feeders.
  5. They usually fly at the speed of about 24 miles per hour, in the case of emergency they can speed up to 31 miles per hour.
  6. Although sparrows are not considered as water birds, they swim at a very fast pace to escape from predators.
  7. Predators of sparrows are usually dogs, cats, foxes and snakes. The young new ones are an easy target for these carnivores.
  8. Sparrows are not included in territorial animals, but they are aggressively protective about their nests from other sparrows.
  9. Sparrow is considered to be a very small Its length can vary between 4-8 inches and weighs around 0.8 to 1.4 ounces. With such small bodies, they can easily fit into the small openings.
  10. It possesses a stout body with rounded wings. Its body is covered with brown, black and white feathers.

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