There are top 3 woodpeckers problems woodpecker problems

Woodpecker Problem #1 – The most commonly given reason for woodpeckers hammering on your home is that they are searching for food, however this is NOT correct. Woodpeckers are most likely not searching for food when hammering on your house. If you have wood shingles, you may want to have an inspector look for insect problems, but it is unlikely an insect problem that you have could be a woodpecker food source.

Woodpecker Problem #2
 – Woodpeckers are hammering (or drumming) to announce their territory, much like a cardinal singing his song i
in spring. The drumming is loud, but generally not very destructive or as long-lived in duration as the third reason. This is most common in late winter and through the breeding season, i.e. late-February though June.

Solution: This kind of activity can best be stopped by making the drumming site unsuitable for noisemaking. This can be done by covering it with noise-deadening material such as canvas, foam rubber, a sheet, newspaper, heavy plastic, or ¾ inch bird netting attached to the building across the focal area. For specific exclusion methods, see Woodpecker Exclusion Method section below.

Woodpecker Problem #3
The third reason entails the real “nuisance” issue. It is called excavating (or chiseling) whereby either a male or a female constructs a nest or roost hole with a cavity that would typically be placed in trees. This is the most common cause of damage and can be very destructive. If you see a hole at least 2 inches in diameter, you most likely have a woodpecker that is excavating a nesting cavity. Unfortunately, some woodpeckers try to place such a cavity in the side of a house, barn, utility pole, fence post, or other man-made structure.

Solution: Problems of this nature may be avoided by leaving dead snags or by hanging woodpecker nest boxes. Installing a bird box, much like a bluebird or purple martin box, at the site of excavation with either deter the bird or it will use the box for nesting.  Many stores sell bird boxes for those not choosing to build their own. For other exclusion methods, see following section.


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