Ever wondered why pigeons fly in circles? Keep on reading to find out why!

Why Pigeons Fly In Circles

Pigeons fly in circles to better navigate. These birds have a great sense of smell which they use to navigate. They fly in circles to locate the smell that reminds them of home. They could also be flying in a thermal, these help them look for food and conserve energy when flying.

Pigeons can be weird sometimes. The fact that these birds live close to humans, gives us the privilege to study and learn about their many animal behaviours.

You may have seen a flock of pigeons fly in circles and wonder what’s going on. Well, you are not alone. A lot of humans with an interest in birds have also been baffled by this.


The good news is, thanks to countless scientific research and studies, the reason for this bird phenomenon has been cracked.

This article carefully explains why pigeons and a few other birds fly in circles. We hope it answers your questions.

Pigeons fly in circles to find their way around. These birds are gifted with a strong and acute sense of smell. We humans use our eyes to find our way home, pigeons use their sense of smell to locate their destination.

Flying in circles allows pigeons to sense the earth’s magnetic field and smell the many odours in the air. They do this until they find the smell native to their home.

Another possible reason why pigeons fly in circles is to discourage raptors from preying on them. Pigeons live in the same environment as crows and peregrine hawks, and they sometimes fall prey to these birds.

When a flock of pigeon senses danger from one of these birds, they are likely to leave their area of rest and fly in circles till the threat passes.

Without their sense of smell, these birds would literally be lost. But pigeons aren’t the only birds that fly in circles, many birds fly in circles for various reasons.Birds Flying In Circles - Stock Video | Motion Array


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