A substantial amount of pigeon droppings on the sidewalk in front of any downtown business space in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Just a wee amount or droppings that have been accumulating for months. Whose responsibility is to clean this mess up? Is the property owner or the city supposed to do it? pigeon patrol lights

Poop, just like any other trash and debris that may accumulate in front of a business property, is the responsibility of the property owner. City officials or WCB may get involved in the event a property owner neglects to address the issue.

Property owners are typically given a reasonable amount of time to comply with a request. Likewise, failure to comply can result in the mess being deemed a nuisance followed by administrative action being taken against the property owner, such as a fine.

There are also health risks posed by large deposits of accumulated droppings, said Andrew MacBain, owner of Pigeon Patrol Products and Services.

Pigeon patrol roof pigeonAnyone having to deal with an accumulation of droppings is recommended to use part household bleach to nine-part water solution to treat the mess prior to any cleaning or scraping is done. The solution will kill any harmful biological agents that pose health risks, Andrew said.

After being treated with the solution an individual can wash the mess away with soap and water.

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