What Are In Starling Droppings? Dropping accumulation under roosts can encourage histoplasmosis fungus to grow in the soil. When disturbed, spores can become airborne, and people can breathe them in. Most people have no apparent ill effects. A few develop respiratory disease and a very few develop disease of other organs.

Histoplasmosis fungus is common to soils in the eastern and central United States. As many as 80 percent of people tested in these areas prove to have already been exposed without knowing. It is important to note that the birds (and bats) associated with this disease don’t carry or spread it; they simply provide the rich nutrients that can allow it to grow and proliferate. Many factors will go into whether or not conditions are right for this as well as how people might become exposed. Certainly soil disturbance plays an important role in risk of exposure.

People diagnosed with histoplasmosis typically work where bird or bat droppings accumulated (poultry farmers, contractors clearing old buildings) or explore caves where bats lived rather than merely live near starling roosts. Despite the very small risk of harm to people, histoplasmosis has been used to justify killing starlings where the nuisance of large roosts annoys people.


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