Pigeon Patrol A home in Tucson is being cleaned out by animal control officials after they discovered the two residents living with more than 140 pigeons.

The officers said they found at least 15 to 20 nests inside the house, in addition to rodents, insects and the pigeons themselves.

Neighbors said the residents encouraged the birds to enter the home by feeding them and leaving the door open. One neighbor said there were broken windows that the birds flew in and out of.

The property is long-term mental health housing with multiple units. According to a police report, City Code Enforcement workers checked on the home on May 30, but the residents didn’t let them in. They came back five days later with a search warrant.

One neighbor described the owner of the property as a “slum lord.” A representative of the owner, who cooks for the residents, agreed to let officials inside.

In total, officials said there were 143 pigeons found in the home and more than 100 more living outside. Based on the findings, three more units will need work, which will uproot 6 more residents.

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