In Australia there are five members of the Corvidae family. The most common in Queensland is the Torresian Crows, named after the Torres Strait, which separates Australia from New Guinea.Pigeon Patrol

These birds naturally eat seeds, plant materials, insects, small sea turtles, crabs, reptiles, small mammals, birds and eggs and carrion.  When living on this natural diet they seldom increase in numbers to become a nuisance.  Our cities and towns provide them with lots of alternative foods and our vehicles also provide lots of dead animals along our roads as food for them.

Crows are very efficient garbage disposal systems cleaning up dead animals and birds.

They can become a nuisance, raiding rubbish bins and dropping food scraps.  One way to reduce the problem is to cut out the supplementary food sources.

  • Ensure all food scraps, particularly at schools, are placed immediately in bird proof bins.
  • Don’t feed wild birds.
  • Ensure your pet’s food is not available to birds.
  • Don’t leave scraps about after a picnic.
  • Remove dead animals from urban roads.

The Brisbane City Council provides additional information about managing Torresian Crows.


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