Here are a Top 5 Nuisance Birds In Northwest that could be affecting you.Bird mite


Pigeons have earned the nickname “The Rat of the Sky,” and for good reason. They are quite dirty and often spread disease. They will nest in any place with a source of food nearby, and their nests can often lead to clogged gutters, blocked windows and other nuisances. Their waste can contaminate water and food supplies. Contact a pest management company if you need to remove a pigeon nest.


These birds are considered nuisances mainly because they are so vocal. Their song can be heard across a great distance and can be real early morning pain for homeowners. Sparrow droppings can also contain up to twenty-five different diseases, and their nests are often considered a fire hazard.


Northwest woodpeckers will damage wood surfaces often and easily. In nature, woodpeckers are a vital part of a healthy forest ecosystem. In urban areas, however, they can cause major damage to wooden structures such as homes and power lines.


Much like sparrows, starlings are highly vocal birds. They also travel in large flocks, and their numbers can overburden weak structures. Like pigeons, their waste can be corrosive to certain metals and alloys.

5. BATS.

It may seem counterintuitive, but you should think twice before considering bats as pests – they only come out at night and feed on mosquitoes, flies and other problem pests. However, they can also carry diseases, and having a bat in your home is definitely undesirable. The best way to get a bat out of your home is to call a professional pest control company – specifically one that offers humane bat removal services.


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