Here is one of the noisy bird that can infest you home, here are some way to deal with starling problems.Starling


  • Identification- The European Starling) is an introduced species that causes problems in urban and rural areas.  The adult starling is about 8″ long (about the size of a robin) with a short tail and long bill.  In winter, the starling has a dark bill and an iridescent coat speckled with white dots.  In summer, the starling’s bill is yellow, and the coat is duller, mostly green and purple, and less speckled.  Starlings travel in flocks of up to thousands, and they nest and feed in a variety of areas.  In urban areas, starlings nest in trees, exhaust vents, marquees, and hollow lamp posts, and on ledges, lighted signs, billboards, and soffits. In rural areas, starlings tend to nest on farm building ledges and in tree cavities.  Starlings feed on a variety of sources, depending on the season and availability.  These food sources include seeds, fruit, food scraps, insects, and crops of cereal, fruit and vegetables.
  • Starling Problems- The most bothersome side effects of a starling population are intense vocalization and fecal accumulation.  Starlings are also quite aggressive and may drive out other desirable bird species.  Starling feces deface and deteriorate structures, cause slipping hazards, contaminate livestock feed, and even kill trees with significant buildup.  Starlings leave behind nesting materials that clog machinery, cause drainage problems, and clutter structures.  Starlings carry diseases including encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and ornithosis.
  • Getting Rid of Starlings:
    • A tactile repellent such as 4 The Birds Repellent Gel may be applied to ledges, sills, roofs, peaks, cornices, bridges, and overpasses to deter birds from landing.
    • 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent can be sprayed on beams, girders, struts, supports and other areas where birds land or roost.  4 The Birds can also be sprayed on trees, bushes, and vines (except for those that are in bloom or bearing fruit).


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