Pigeon feces contains uric acid, which– at a pH level of 3 to 4.5 can eat away at many substrates and building materials. Not only will an accumulation of pigeon poop on roofs cause leaks, a continuous series of droppings can be a cause for a roof to collapse under the weight.

Collapsed gas station due to excess of pigeon droppings on roof.

Collapsed gas station due to excess of pigeon droppings on roof.


Such is the damage of pigeon droppings that over time, it can down a warehouse roof’s lifespan in half. Pigeon activity in and around a building may directly damage the structure as pigeons are capable of lifting roof coverings to force an entry, especially if these are already slightly displaced.

This activity can allow significant water penetration into the building and subsequent decay. More seriously, they block rainwater drainage systems with their feces, feathers and other detritus.





Once pigeons have entered into an attic via a roof opening, they may accumulate nests and droppings– a cause for dampness which weakens the structural integrity of the ceiling, leading to collapse.

A ceiling has been brought down by the weight of damp pigeon nests.









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