Rock Doves, or feral pigeons, are descended from homing and fancy pigeons kept for sport and as pets.  They are very adaptable, and built environments provide suitable nest sites for them. Pigeon Patrol

Their plumage is quite variable, reflecting their ancestry as exhibition birds.  They should not be confused with various species of native doves and pigeons which are also present in or near cities and towns, such as Crested Pigeons, Bar-shouldered Doves, Peaceful Doves and Brown Cuckoo-Doves.

Spotted Doves (sometimes called Turtle or Indian Doves) also introduced, are common, but do not appear to pose a threat to native species.  Their familiar “coor-par-ooo” call in often heard in gardens.

Rock Doves are a problem to our health as they can exist in large numbers in towns and cities and leave huge amounts of droppings.  Their presence in cities is encouraged by the many people who actively feed them, as well as by the presence of food scraps.


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