Pigeon Patrol robotOnce again, the pigeon dilemma surrounding the Scottish Parliament and its pigeons has risen. An East Lothian Company could have saved the Holyrood Chiefs at least 50,000 dollars from spending attempts in scaring off pigeons from the Holyrood building. The East Lothian Company said they approached the parliament with Mock Falcons, which are electronic birds used to scare off birds, but were ignored.

The use of Bird Free 4-S Gel could have been an inexpensive and easier solution than all combined. Pigeon Patrol’s 4-S Gel is easy to install and when any UV light makes contact with the gel, the birds see it as fire. Simple?! Could have saved more than 50,000 dollars if you ask me.

Full Story: http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/politics/robot-bid-to-tackle-pigeons-at-holyrood-ignored-1-3288704