Pigeon Patrol dangerThe low score the restaurant had been given was clearly a nonsense. I’ve been in there and you could eat your dinner off the floor. It also has a legion of fans, who leapt, like a cartoon dog at a plate of sausages, to the defence of said establishment, many of them completely failing to grasp that this newspaper doesn’t carry out inspections. Inspectors do.

And they carry out inspections on everybody, and we print them, because that’s the point of inspections. Surely there’s no point in doing them if they are then kept secret? Indeed, in South Wales it is compulsory for restaurants to stick a sign up stating their rating. But I do have a lot of sympathy for anyone who, in their daily life, has to deal with government inspectors. These are beings who, no doubt overloaded with work, do things literally by the book. Which means that if you have checked your raw meat’s internal temperature every two hours for six months but haven’t written it down somewhere, then they’re going to string you up, but if you haven’t checked it but have made up some numbers, you’re fine.

And if you are having a new extractor fan fitted when the inspector calls, but haven’t shut down your business for a fortnight to do it, then you might as well be serving botulism in a bun, with a side order of salmonella.

Did you know that schools are so petrified of Ofsted marking them down that they now carry out secret “mocksted” examinations? Where former Ofsted inspectors and teachers are employed at considerable expense to descend upon schools to see how unprepared teachers will perform under pressure?

The latest price increase will cost my business around £2,500 over the course of a year

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