Pigeon PatrolStarlings create problems for livestock and poultry facilities, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to agricultural operations yearly. Starlings gather at feed troughs to eat, contaminating food and water sources in the process. Starlings are also known to enter buildings to roost and build nests, creating sanitation problems.
European Starlings can carry diseases that are transmissible to livestock and to people, including TGE (transmissible gastroenteritis – a disease of swine), blastomycosis, and salmonella.

Sanitation issues involving starlings are another problem. In cities, large amounts of droppings can make streets dangerously slippery and can be corrosive to cars, buildings, and statues. The sheer amount of droppings together with their chemical action can damage and kill trees and any vegetation underneath.

Starlings travel in flocks of thousands and pose an incredible hazard to air travel. They often forage near airports and have been implicated in air disasters, particularly when planes have collided with entire flocks of birds.

It is not uncommon for a flock of 4000 Starlings to cause major loss of revenue in a large vineyard in a week’s time. Starlings are also capable of destroying blueberries, cherries, other types of pitted fruit, and even apples.

European Starlings also have detrimental effects on native ecosystems, particularly through their tendency to out compete native bird species for food and nest sites. European Starlings are cavity nesters and are known to compete with woodpeckers, Great Crested Flycatchers, Tree Swallows, Eastern Bluebirds and Purple Martins for nests, possibly causing these populations to decline. They also carry diseases, ticks and mites that are spread to native bird species and even humans.



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