Pigeon Patrol

Pigeons droppings on park benches, cars and buildings are not only unsightly and smelly but also corrosive, particularly to buildings (Figure 3).

Pigeon feces on building

Bird droppings on building window

Large amounts of droppings also can kill vegetation.

Around farms, grain elevators and feed mills, pigeons consume and contaminate large quantities of grain.

Pigeons have been implicated in the transmission of diseases such as pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis and salmonella food poisoning. However, the actual incidence of transmission of diseases from pigeons to people is difficult to assess. Disease outbreaks that are directly attributed to pigeon flocks are rare.

Pigeons droppings, if allowed to accumulate for several years, can harbor the causal agent of histoplasmosis, a systemic fungus disease that affects the human respiratory tract. In severe cases, histoplasmosis can be fatal. The external parasites of pigeons include various species of mites, fleas, ticks and bugs.

In addition to being a threat to human health, pigeons can be a threat to human safety, particularly around airports, where pigeon flocks have collided with aircraft, causing human fatalities.



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