NOBLE SQUARE — A new survey on the future of the Polish Triangle reveals people want Nelson Algren in, the pigeons out and somewhere for people to sit down.

A grassroots coalition hoping to revitalize the Triangle put out a call for opinions with an online survey, residents weighing in on what they would like to see at the intersection of Milwaukee, Avenue and Ashland avenues.

Kapra Fleming, a member of the Polish Triangle Coalition, said the survey, which lasted for three weeks and ended on Friday, brought in 1,257 responses on how to improve the transit-friendly patch that serves as a gateway to four neighborhoods.

Remove or Keep the Nelson Algren Fountain?

pigeon patrolSixty-six percent of survey respondents want to keep the fountain as-is but “refresh” it, Fleming said.

Should the pigeons be relocated?

Seventy-two percent of respondents want to “relocate the pigeons,” if possible.

“Some love pigeons, but some thought this was an impossible task on the nay-sayer side,” Fleming said.

The long-discussed pigeon relocation plan, which would require financing and city permits, would involve building a structure just east of the triangle where pigeons could nest, and their eggs were replaced with fake eggs to reduce the population.

“We can’t get rid of the pigeon feeders — the people that want to feed the birds will do that. But we want to get [the birds] off the triangle and somewhere else,” said Fleming, who owns the House of Two Urns, a bed and breakfast at 1239 N. Greenview Ave., around the corner from the triangle.

Should the CTA install a traditional canopy design or a modern design above the CTA Blue Line Division “L” underground entrance?

Kapra said 69 percent of respondents preferred a traditional canopy design over a contemporary design.


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