Pigeons just love new things, Pigeon Patrol Staff came across this bridge of a situation.pigeon patrol bridge

For some reason, pigeons have marked off a very clear patch of the new Hastings bridge as their own. They apparently have no interest in spending time on any other part of the bridge. Rather, they congregate on the northbound side of the bridge on the arch about halfway up.

Minnesota Department of Transportation bridge project manager Steve Kordosky. “I don’t know why they have selected that particular spot.”

Kordosky thinks that since that part of the bridge faces south, it warms up faster than the rest of the bridge.

Well who knows why birds do what they do!!  I am sure that if some of Pigeon Patrol’s Ultra-Flex bird spikes or pigeon spikes were installed, or some of the new 4-S Gel or even an Ultrasonic sound Repeller that would be enough to deter the birds from the bridge.