Pigeon Patrol nettingPigeons inhabit lofts, church steeples, attics, caves and ornate architectural features of buildings where openings and flat surfaces allow roosting, loafing and nest building. Pigeon nest consist of sticks, twigs and grasses clumped together to form a crude platform.

The birds subsist on spilled or improperly stored grain, garbage or other food materials people provide for them intentionally or unintentionally. In some urban areas, feeding pigeons is a form of recreation.

Pigeons are monogamous, having only one mate at a time, and pigeon populations usually have an equal number of males and females. The male cares for and guards the female and the nest. Eight to 12 days after mating, the female lays one or two eggs. About 18 days later, the eggs hatch. The young pigeons, or squabs, are fed a secreted substance called pigeon milk and leave the nest at 4 to 6 weeks of age. More eggs are usually laid before the first young have left the nest. Breeding occurs throughout the year, but peak reproduction is in the spring and fall.

Domesticated pigeons can live 15 or more years. However, in urban populations, few pigeons live for more than three or four years.


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