bald-eaglePIGEONS in Poundbury beware.

This falcon is sweeping the skies to keep them clear from marauding birds.
Amateur photographer Sheila Hunn captured this stunning shot of the bird on a visit to Poundbury Garden Centre recently.
Sheila, 63, of Portland, said she was ‘thrilled to bits’ when she saw the photo.

“I was lucky enough to see the falcon with her handler. He told me she is flown regularly to keep the pigeons away and was kind enough to let me take a few photos.

“She is well trained and raised her wings on command from him.”

The bird is a cross between a peregrine falcon and a lanner falcon.

Sheila, a retired midwife, added: “She was a beautiful bird, standing there very proudly. I think she’s there most days. I’ve usually got my camera with me but I was lucky to get such nice shots.”


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