pigeonIt can be pretty hard to be a pigeon anywhere in the world, but it turns out that the charming and iconic city of Vienna just got to be one of the worst locations for the pesky birds. Dog owners, however, are facing even bigger problems.

It seems authorities are trying to clean up the city and they have implemented a couple of new plans to do just that.

Pick up that poop or pay

First it was the dog owners. City authorities organized “Waste Watchers” (cute name, huh?) to keep an eagle eye on dog owners in the streets and parks. Any errant bit of poop then earned the appropriate dog owner a huge fine of up to 470 euros for their crime.

Pigeons attract rats, ergo get rid of pigeons

Now, the city is saying that people must cease and desist from feeding the pigeons. They say that when that elderly gent or lady sitting in the park chucks bread crumbs at the pigeons, they must cough up a 36 euro fine. Not as bad as dog poop I suppose, but still.

What officials are saying is that feeding the birds with bread is “not good for them” plus the left-overs (pigeons leave left-overs?) then apparently attract the rats.

Vienna city councilor Ulrike Sima pronounced that, “whoever feeds pigeons, feeds rats,” adding that feeding the pigeons is “misunderstood animal welfare” as by eating human food “they get sick and suffer.”

Referring to limited green space in the city, Sima also said this should not be “rendered unusable due to the pigeons.”

Pigeon prison camps

So that the birds do not “suffer” and the parks are not “rendered unusable,” city officials have other sinister plans afoot.

Experts in the field have come up with an idea for good old population-reduction. They want to set up a special nesting site for the birds, which will apparently attract them using what they term “pigeon psychology.”

This wonderful pigeon residential estate will house up to 400 of the pesky birds, which will be fed a much more appropriate diet. In return for this life of sheer luxury, their eggs will be removed from their nests and replaced with dummies, thus preventing them from breeding.

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