Pigeon races up in the sky!pigeon in sky

Pigeon racers from far afield have their eyes on Tasmania.

Avid pigeon racers are trying to establish a contest that rivals the great long distance, cross water, pigeon races held around the world.

Experienced fliers, George Rettas and Alex MacDonald and other enthusiasts organised the ‘Conquer the Strait’ one loft race from Perth in northern Tasmania.

The idea of the ‘Conquer the Strait’ challenge is to test some of Australia’s best racing pigeons over one of the roughest stretches of water in the world.

The race was designed for the birds to fly over more than 500 kilometres from south western Victoria, including over 300 kilometres of Bass Strait.

And while an outbreak of the paramixovirus in Victorian pigeons curtailed the inaugural race in October 2011, a shortened race format over 220 kilometres from Woolnorth to Perth was held.

Pigeon racers from far afield joined the Tasmanian long distance enthusiasts who were out to prove they have the best birds on earth.


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