Giant Pigeon PatrolSo here is another company tell you what is the best pigeon deterrent is: Let’s have a peak!

The Bird spike system plays a very important role in preventing the birds from roosting on the ledges. Tips are blunt which don’t hurt the birds and also prevents them from creating the nest. Wire system is also used in warding off the troubles.  Tensioned stainless steel wire is an effective barrier for birds and would go a long way in providing amazing results.

Yea they got this one right!!!


Bird blaster is a control device with Dopler radar and an air compressor. Hose is installed around the perimeter of the building or the billboard. Joint feature of the solenoid keeps the air flow to the surgical pipe closed. When a bird flies in the vicinity, the radar transits the information. Hose opens up and a loud noise is emitted that scares the birds away.

Pricy and the city can get you to turn it off for good!!!

Where is the 4-S Gel and the Ultrasonic Repellers????? I am sure that a few of these products will work on certain areas but to be in this industry you have to be one with the pigeon and adapt. That;’s what we do here at Pigeon Patrol Products and Services. We also manufacture all of our own products, from bird spikes, pigeon spikes to netting right down to our sound and ultrasonic repellers we are the logical choice for all your bird control needs.Pigeon Patrol Logo




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