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It is currently legal to use live pigeons in what are known as “pigeon shoots” during target practice and shooting competitions in the state of Pennsylvania. Across the state pigeons are forced into spring-loaded boxes and launched into the air to be shot. And the barbaric practice is completely unnecessary. Participants can easily spare the suffering of these innocent creatures by using clay discs as a humane alternative.

Pennsylvania legislators have proposed a bill that would institute a statewide ban on live pigeon shoots. In addition the bill would outlaw the slaughter or sale of cats and dogs for human consumption. Officials with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals state that while this is a relatively rare occurrence, shockingly it remains legal in the state of Pennsylvania.

Companion animals belong in loving homes, not forced into the heartless meat trade to spend their short lives full of fear and cruelly confined until their brutal slaughter. Urge government officials to show compassion to pigeons and companion animals alike and vote in favor of this humane legislation.


Dear Representative Smith,

As an animal welfare advocate I find it shocking that two horrific practices of animal abuse are currently legal in the state of Pennsylvania: live pigeon shoots and the slaughter and sale of cats and dogs for human consumption.

Thankfully legislators have proposed House Bill 1750 (H.B. 1750), which would ban both of these cruel practices in your state. Pigeons are fully capable of feeling distress, fear and pain and do not deserve the cruel fate of being used in live pigeon shoots. These barbaric events involve forcing pigeons into spring-loaded boxes and launching them into the air only to be shot down moments later. Live pigeon shoots are disturbingly a part of everyday target practice and shooting competitions throughout your state, despite readily available and humane alternatives such as clay discs.

While slaughtering and selling dogs and cats for human consumption is far less common, surprisingly, it is legal in Pennsylvania. These animals have been our companions for hundreds of years and rely on humans to protect them from unimaginable cruelty like this.

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