Pigeon PatrolDealing with nuisance birds

Some species of birds can create a nuisance, including noise, fouling and even causing property damage. All wild birds in Northern Ireland are protected by law. Find out about the options open to you when dealing with a problem involving birds.


Choosing the right course of action is essential as it is illegal to intentionally harm or kill any wild bird species. You are not allowed to take wild birds’ eggs. It is against the law to disturb, damage or destroy nests.

Identifying a bird

If you have a bird problem, it’s worth identifying what sort of bird is causing it as it may affect what you can do about it. For example, disturbing certain specially protected birds when they are on or near their nest is illegal.

You can research a bird in a bird book or an encyclopaedia. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has information about birds

Solving the problem without harming the bird

A broad range of techniques is available to deal with nuisance caused by birds. These include:

  • noise deterrents, like recordings of the bird’s own alarm calls or loud bangs
  • using a scarecrow
  • using netting or bird-spikes (‘proofing’) to prevent birds landing or accessing areas where they’re known to cause problems
  • restricting access to food – for example, by cleaning up food spills immediately and keeping rubbish in secure bins


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