Noisy Miners, sometimes called Mickey Birds, should not be confused with Common Mynas.  Noisy Miners are native honeyeaters. They are related to Bell Miners, often called Bellbirds. They are gregarious, and flock together.  They are intolerant of other birds in their territory.  They are quite aggressive, and if one is involved in a fight, they will all join in.  They drive away small bush birds, particularly if there is not suitable cover for them.

Noisy Miners breed all the year around if food is available and the whole tribe helps raise the young and bring food for them. They can increase in numbers very quickly.

They are Honeyeaters and one of their main foods is nectar from flowers, though they eat a variety of other foods.  In suburban gardens which have flowering plants all year round, they can settle in one place, breed, and build up their numbers.

Providing artificial nectar feeders for birds will invariably increase Miner numbers.


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