Glasgow 2014 was undeniably the biggest Commonwealth games so far, with over 1 million tickets to 250 medal events being sold, and many millions more watching worldwide. And when events that large attract crowds of those numbers, unfortunately, you will usually find pests and birds looking to scavenge on what’s left behind.

pigeon patrolNBC Bird and Pest Control Solution’s Scotland division stepped up to the challenge ahead of them; providing complete pest control services for the entire two week duration of the games. This included servicing fly units in Hampden Park’s catering and restaurant areas, as well as ensuring that over 250 pigeons were ethically moved from the stadium ahead of the athletics.

As the UK’s leading bird control specialists, NBC’s years of experience in ethical bird control was called upon, and using a combination of their techniques, they kept Glasgow’s local birds at bay throughout the games, and the spectators safe to watch the spectacular sporting events uninterrupted.

Having worked at Hampden Park for over 6 years, the teams existing knowledge of the stadium came in handy. When the football pitch was replaced with a running track, the disruption caused to the existing deterrents allowed the pigeons a window of opportunity. They quickly re-inhabited the stadium, causing problems for staff and customers, as well as creating a mess on the seating and athletics areas.

Without disturbing the construction project, the team worked quickly and efficiently to ensure that the problem was dealt with; with all eyes on Hampden Park, it was imperative that the stadium was kept clean and bird activity to the bare minimum.

Starting early at 4 a.m. so as not to disturb staff and customers, the expert team would begin. The most effective way to eradicate growing pigeon activity is using falconry, and NBC’s expertise in this area paid off; with several hundred pigeons finding somewhere else to go for the duration of the games.

NBC’s ethical bird control services are the UK’s leading, with years of collective experience making them fully equipped to tackle any bird problem.

Whether a site is industrial, retail or even an airport, NBC’s 18 years’ worth of experience working with birds means there is not a lot that they haven’t seen or dealt with. With free and comprehensive site surveys and advice on legislation, NBC’s bird deterrent services cover from all angles, with a 5-year guarantee on all bird proofing installations, leaving a site with complete peace of mind.

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