Here is another bird that may be a pest to you, if you have house sparrows problems, read on.

House Sparrows

  •  Identification- The House Sparrow is a small, stocky bird that is not a true sparrow but belongs to the family called weaver finches.  The house sparrow is 5 to 6 inches long with a conical bill and brown and grey feathers.  The male has a black throat and white crown, while the female has a white throat and dull eye stripe.  Sparrows build messy nests of twigs, string, paper, and grass in any covered, elevated spots, typically in larger buildings such as warehouses, stadiums, and airport hangars.  Sparrows primarily eat grain, but they also feed on fruit, seeds, insects, livestock feed, and discarded food scraps.  House sparrows have become very dependent on humans for food and shelter, and they nest, roost, and feed in large groups within a range of one to two miles.
  • Sparrow Problems- Sparrows can be difficult to control because of their rapid breeding.  Sparrow flocks are aggressive enough to drive out other, more desirable bird species.  Sparrows’ nests in electrical areas may cause shorts and fires, and congregations in poultry and hog farm facilities pose serious feed contamination threats.  House sparrows are associated with over 25 diseases and many ectoparasites.
  • Getting Rid of Sparrows
    • Food sources in particular should be as inaccessible as possible, particularly in urban areas such as commercial dumpsters and fast food parking lots.
    • Scare products have little effectiveness on sparrow populations.
    • Exclusion such as bird netting is highly effective in preventing sparrow nesting.
    • A tactile repellent such as 4 The Birds Repellent Gel may be applied to ledges, sills, roofs, peaks, cornices, bridges, and overpasses to deter birds from landing.


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