PigeonUntil recently, the medieval tower that rises above the Dordogne River in this small village in southwestern France was a romantic ruin, inhabited only by pigeons.

The adjoining house “was just about habitable,” said Pamela Marshall, 63, one of the current owners. “But the tower had been empty for decades. It probably hadn’t been occupied since the 19th century.”

Still, Ms. Marshall and her husband, Richard, 66, a British couple from Lincolnshire who had a long association with the area, weren’t put off. Back in the 1970s, they had rescued another ruin, a dilapidated barn in Dordogne that they had been using as a vacation home ever since.

“It was wonderful for holidays in the summer,” Ms. Marshall said. “But we felt that it was time to look for a place in France that we could use in the winter as well.”

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