pigeon-patrolIt is so wonderful to see some progress taking place in downtown North Battleford with it coming back to life with all the numerous renovations going on. Far too many business places have been closed for so long. It was sad to see compared to other provincial cities and little towns.

But, will it take care of the over population of pigeons? They do create a real problem in the whole downtown area. Years ago they got started at the grain elevators, now the elevators are located outside the city, but not the pigeons. Those flat roof buildings must be in a real mess of pigeon droppings, feathers, nests and the odd dead pigeon. The rains come and wash all the filth down on the public streets.

Pigeons can be carriers of all sorts of dangerous germs, which the public and business people are exposed to. It would be nice to see a clean-up done before the new businesses start to operate.

When pigeons become a nuisance on the farmer’s vacant buildings, the farmers do not go for all that messy clean up. They quickly do away with the pigeons completely. Any more moving in will get the same treatment.

Another blight on the city’s landscape is the gopher over population. They seem to be all over any vacant grassy area in the city. Those unsightly holes and mounds of soil dug up on the lush green grass kill the beauty.

North Battleford is a good home city to all, once it is cleaned up.

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