COUNCILLORS are looking at ways to tackle the problem of pigeons in parts of their town.
At the latest meeting of Welshpool Town Council, during the public question time slot, County Councillor Francesca Jump raised the issue of pigeons in the Puzzle Square area of Welshpool.
Councillor for that area of the town, Ann Holloway assured members the problem had been resolved and the passages were being watched.
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Cllr Dr John Morgan told fellow members he was in the process of getting a legal opinion from the British Association of Shooting and Conservation on the shooting of the pigeons.
He said: “I am in the process of getting a legal opinion on the legalities of getting an airgun for the pigeons in Hopkins Passage.”
However, Cllr John Corfield said he would like to investigate a “more humane way” of tackling the problem.
He said: “I would not be in favour of shooting any pigeons, due to the cruelty aspect. It’s an animal after all, it lives and breathes.
“I know it’s a problem but we should investigate other more humane ways of sorting this.”
Cllr Phil Pritchard agreed.
He said: “While they are a nuisance, I could not be party to shooting them.
“However I’ve got to say, while we’re talking about pigeons, we should also be talking about the seagulls in Oldford. Wherever Powys (County Council) put the bins, they follow. We have as much as a problem with seagulls, as well as pigeons.
“However, I cannot support the killing of the birds.”
Cllr Steve Kaye suggested the council should partner up with the community and seek the possibility of letting hawks go, to scare the pigeons off.
Cllr Morgan agreed to seek further legal advice on the matter as he said they are a health hazard.
He said: “In particular it’s a health hazard with their droppings in the Hopkins Passage area.
“Someone could slip on the droppings and break something.
“I would also like to urge people not to feed the pigeons either.”
Councillors agreed to discuss the issue further at a meeting of the council’s business forum.

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