Pigeon PatrolCommon Mynas were introduced from India to eat insect pests in crops. This was a total failure in the same way as the introduction of Cane Toads was a disaster.

Common Mynas are communal nesters. The whole flock assists in driving away competitors and feeding young.  Because of this they are very successful and numbers can increase quickly. Mynas nest in tree hollows. They will eat anything, seed, insects, pet foods, human food scraps. Most native species have more specific diets than Mynas.

Common Mynas are quite aggressive. They attack native birds, killing them, depriving them of nesting hollows, killing nestlings and fledglings and competing for food resources.

Common Myna numbers are growing. They are expanding their range in many places, especially in S.E. Qld. If they continue to do so we will see far fewer native birds around our homes, towns and cities.

Common Mynas should be discouraged by depriving them of food sources, chasing them from yards and disturbing them when they try to nest.  A hose works wonders.  Some city and town councils are investigating ways to reduce their numbers. Please encourage your elected council officers to think this way.


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