cat-on-a-fenceThe fence looks like it belongs in a maximum-security prison – but was in fact designed by Tiggly the cat’s neighbour to stop the feline straying next door.

A cat-hating neighbour has devised an extreme solution to stop next door’s feline walking on a wall.

The neighbourly dispute began over fears poor Tiggly the cat would damage a car by jumping onto it from a shared wall.

But it ended with the wall looking like the border of a maximum-security prison – complete with barbed wire, sharp studs and three-inch spikes.

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Tiggly’s upset owner Bea Upton, of Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, said the cat has already become stuck in the wire and spikes while trying to get to the ground.

The clerical worker, 46, said: “It’s awful. Tiggly got stuck in it and neighbours had to rescue her.

“The neighbour has put all the barbed wire just to stop Tiggly. It prevents her living a normal, happy free life.

“I have complained to the RSPCA but they say they cannot get involved because people are allowed to put up pet deterrent.”

Previously the black and white cat would come out of an upstairs window, drop down onto a tiled roof before dropping down to the wall to then jump to the ground at the house two doors down from its home.

Ms Upton added that Tiggly has to use the window to get out because she is too frightened of Miss Upton’s two dogs to use a ground floor cat flap.

The neighbour, Valerie Pollard, declined to discuss the barbed wire and spikes.

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said: “Although the law does not state that adding barbed wire to a fence is illegal, it may become so depending on the case and what happens to an animal as a result.

“Deliberately injuring an animal and causing unnecessary suffering is a criminal offence and we take that very seriously.

“There are more humane methods of deterring cats and other animals from your garden such as automatic water sprays or introducing natural, prickly shrubs to cover surfaces.”


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