pigeon patrolVisitors believe the speakers installed last December to broadcast bird noises have done little to move on the nuisance birds in the area.

Currently recordings are broadcast intermittently through speakers throughout the parklands.

It was hoped the noise would move the large white birds away from the high traffic areas, yet the ibis remain.

CEO Jeff Weigh said the Corporation is working towards finding new options to control the number of ibis that inhabit the well visited location.

“We are looking at humane ways to make space for visitors at South Bank,” he said.

“There are a list of things we are going to try including kite birds similar to what we have in the Epicurious garden at South Bank which act as birds of prey.

Brisbane City Council advises visitors to:

not feed ibis or leave scraps of food or rubbish lying around
keep garbage bin lids closed, particularly industrial waste bins
remove water sources and reduce waste disposal
not try to kill or cause injury to the birds
not remove nests or eggs
not disturb the birds when there are fledglings in the nest
Brisbane City Council – Australian white ibis
“The ibis are a local nesting bird that live in the area so we have to keep trying different ways of deterring them.”

Visitors to South Bank have told 612 ABC Brisbane confirmed that the recorded noises are not having any affect on the nearby ibis.

“It is a good idea, but it seems the birds are just too smart for us,” said Jessica from Brisbane.

“I think that fans could work with water or possibly tougher bird noises like that of a hawk.”

One local food vendor said the recordings being played have not stopped the ibis from taking food from visitors.

“We can still see the ibis and they still get up on the tables and take food from people but I do not think we can really get rid of the birds though,” she said.

“I tell customers to watch their food, and not get distracted as that is when they [the ibis] jump on the table and take food from people.”


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