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The ‘Bird Slope’ bird repellent is an anti-perching product that has been designed to be provided on any flat surface where birds are creating a nuisance by perching or roosting. The Bird Slope bird repellent is an extremely basic product that simply creates a slope upon which birds cannot perch and would normally be installed on a flat (or angled) surface where a 90° angle exists behind – a good example would be an ‘I’ beam (or RSJ). This product is manufactured and distributed by a company in the United States called Bird-B-Gone.

The Bird Slope bird repellent is constructed from lightweight durable UV protected plastic and comes ready to use but can be cut to size where required with a hacksaw or a pair of snips. The Bird Slope bird repellent is provided in a standard grey colour but can be painted to blend in with the structure or building upon which it is installed. The Bird Slope bird repellent is available in one size only and is 5.5” high protecting an area 5.5” wide. An ‘extender’ is available which increases both height and width by a further 5″. With the extender installed the Bird Slope bird repellent will protect an area 10″ wide. The Bird Slope bird repellent and the optional extender are only available in 2 foot sections with the extender increasing the scope of the product so that it will protect a wider surface but with a resultant increase in height which may restrict its application. An ‘end cap’ is available for both the Bird Slope bird repellent and the extender. The end cap is installed at both ends of a single run of the product to stop birds getting in behind the product where they cannot be detected. The Bird Slope bird repellent is not suitable for installation with a silicone adhesive and the manufacturer recommends an ‘outdoor construction adhesive’ for the purpose. The manufacturer also recommends that the product should cover the whole of the surface to be protected, not just the perimeter or ‘leading edge’.

One of the main applications for the Bird Slope bird repellent is for use under railway or river bridges where pigeons and starlings are often found roosting and breeding on ‘I’ beams and other infrastructure. These areas normally have difficult or restricted access and therefore a maintenance-free product like the Bird Slope bird repellent is ideal. On bridges constructed with a steel framework the Bird Slope bird repellent would be installed on the lower flange of an ‘I’ beam creating a 45° angle upon which birds cannot gain a foothold. As a bird attempts to land on the Bird Slope bird repellent it will simply slide off as soon as its feet come into contact with the smooth plastic surface. The main criteria for a successful application of the Bird Slope bird repellent is that a vertical surface exists behind the horizontal surface to be protected (creating a 90° angle) and as a result a majority of areas under a bridge, or canopy, can be adequately protected with the product. Another application for the Bird Slope bird repellent is for use on historic buildings that are Grade Listed and where restrictions are imposed in relation to what can or cannot be done in respect of the fabric of the building. In many cases non-invasive and reversible anti-perching devices such as the Bird Slope bird repellent and the anti-roosting spike are the only options allowed when protecting this type of building. Any type of anti-perching device that requires installation by drilling or bolting is normally deemed inappropriate by local government Listed Buildings Officers, particularly in the case of Grade 1 Listed Buildings.

One of the major benefits of the Bird Slope bird repellent is that it is non-invasive to install and is completely reversible should access to the area or surface be required for the purpose of maintenance. The product is also simple to install negating the need to instruct a specialist contractor and lending itself to a DIY installation. Large areas can be quickly protected with the Bird Slope bird repellent based on the simplicity of the product and the fact that it can be glued in place rather than requiring a system of complex fixings. The Bird Slope bird repellent is also a completely humane product that will not harm birds but just physically prevent them from gaining access to sensitive areas.

DEFRA’s view:

The Bird Slope bird repellent is not discussed on the DEFRA website.

Price range:

There does not appear to be a distributor for the Bird Slope bird repellent in the UK at this time. We are awaiting confirmation from the manufacturer of current retail costs for the Bird Slope bird repellent and this section will be updated as soon as that information is available.

User reviews:

To date we have been unable to find any user reviews for the Bird Slope bird repellent but we will update this section as and when user reviews are made available to us. If you are able to provide a user review for the Bird Slope bird repellent please contact the Pigeon Control Resource Centre.

Comments from the Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Editorial comments:

The Bird Slope bird repellent is a product that has limited applications but which has the potential to be a highly effective anti-perching device. Its limitations are restricted to use where a 90° angle exists and generally in areas where aesthetics are less of an issue. The Bird Slope bird repellent can be painted to reduce visibility but the product is still physically large, particularly with the optional extender installed, and is more visible than many other anti-perching products. The Bird Slope bird repellent is ideal for use under canopies and bridges and once surfaces have been prepared the product is quick and easy to install. The industry standard method of excluding birds from the underside of a bridge or canopy is to use nylon bird netting. Bird netting can be extremely expensive and invasive to install requiring regular access for the purposes of maintenance. In most cases a product like the Bird Slope bird repellent is an excellent alternative that requires no maintenance and does not degrade nor have a limited life-span as nylon netting has. As access is normally the most expensive element of any bird exclusion operation, particularly when proofing areas at height, a product that will stand the test of time and which requires no maintenance should always be the first choice.

The Bird Slope bird repellent is a good option for historic or Grade Listed buildings due to the fact that it is non-invasive to install and if painted with a textured masonry paint will blend in with the architecture around it. The product lends itself to a DIY installation and can be installed quickly and easily on almost any property or structure. The Bird Slope bird repellent is limited to applications where the surface to be protected is less than 10” wide and therefore may not be suitable for some period properties where windowsills and architectural features such as ledges often exceed 10” in depth. It must also be understood that if the extender is used to increase coverage to the maximum depth the product will be considerably more visible.

The creation of a slope on a flat surface is not a new idea. In many cases a commercially available product such as the Bird Slope bird repellent can be replicated using any number of different materials to create a slope. A simple plywood slope can be created in minutes using scrap wood and installed using silicone for a quick and easy installation. If using a material such as plywood, which lacks the smooth surface offered by the Bird Slope bird repellent, the slope may need to be provided at a more acute angle in order to be effective. Alternatively a smoother material can be sourced. The benefit of a DIY slope is that it can be ‘made to measure’ rather than having to cut a ready-made product to fit the area concerned. Once painted with an appropriately coloured paint the slope will be virtually invisible from the ground.

Also commonly known as:

The slope, bird slide, slippery slope, pigeon slope

Relevance to pigeon control:

The ‘Bird Slope’ bird repellent is a pigeon-specific anti-perching product


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