pigeon patrolInstinctual Response for Survival

Birds have many behaviors that help them to survive. Some of these are learned behaviors, but many others are not learned. Behaviors that animals are born with are called instinctive behaviors. Some instinctive behaviors help birds recognize enemies. Great kiskadees display an instinctive behavior related to coral snakes, which eat young birds. Even though they have never seen a snake, hand-raised great kiskadees are frightened by sticks that have been painted to look like coral snakes. Other birds instinctually will keep away from moving objects or any object that will heighten their flight response, especially in their peripheral vision. The BirdNix products take advantage of this instinctual behavior to keep birds out of a effected location.

BirdeyeAvian Vision is Key

Avian vision has been studied significantly to better understand bird behavior and characteristics. Birds have a similar eye structure to most other vertebrates, but when it comes to receptors, bird clearly has us all beat. Humans have about 200,000 receptors per mm2, but the House Sparrow has 400,000 and the Common Buzzard 1,000,000. The photoreceptors are not all individually connected to the optic nerve, and the ratio of nerve ganglia to receptors is important in determining resolution. This is very high for birds; the White Wagtail has 100,000 ganglion cells to 120,000 photoreceptors. This high level of receptors will cause bright reflective light to be even more annoying to birds than it is for humans. Also, the avian eye is not spherical but rather more like a reptilian eye which is flatter, enabling it to keep more of its visual field in focus. The reflective light in the peripheral vision of the bird gives a visual cue that there might be predators and makes birds uneasy about the location. Both of these facts allow the BirdNix reflective deterrents to effectively work on controlling bird populations. To learn more continue here.

Wind and LightBirdNix Phoenix Reflecting Light

The wind causes a swaying spinning motion and ambient light ( natural light) is reflected by the faceted mirrors of the Diamond Light™ . This combination of light and motion creates heightened survival instinct awareness in birds resulting in an undesirable location for them.


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