Australian White Ibis

The Australian White Ibis is naturally a bird of freshwater wetlands, swamps, tidal mudflats and similar areas. Its natural diet includes all sorts of bugs and insects, grasshoppers, small fish, small reptiles and ants. Ibis were historically known as farmers’ friends because of the large quantities of insect pests they consumed.

Their traditional feeding grounds have been reduced with the draining of swamps and wetlands, as well as the devastating effects of drought.  At the same time, large rubbish dumps have been established, and cities have developed rich sources of Ibis food.

Their long beaks, ideal for digging food from soft soil in wetlands, are also well suited to extracting food from garbage dumps and from open rubbish bins.  Like any sensible beings, they appreciate a free feed and this is what we have provided by way of food left over from our picnics, workday lunches and scraps dropped off outdoor café tables. Rubbish dumps are especially attractive to Ibis as each day tons of food scraps are deposited there for Ibis to scavenge.

White Ibis, like people, congregate where services are best. Most Australians now live in cities, and so do Australian White Ibis.

Australian White Ibis have become a problem in outdoor cafes and eating areas, since they foul the area and spread scraps from bins and tables.

Ways of reducing their numbers in these setting include:

  • Reducing food litter;
  • Installing Ibis-proof rubbish bins; and
  • Convincing councils to better manage dumps.


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