A dead pigeon is shown after it was thrown in a fight in Liverpool, U.K.

No rest for the dead!

By Josh K. Elliott – Viral/Trends Global News

Video of a late-night fistfight in the United Kingdom shows one combatant flipping the other the bird – then throwing an actual dead bird at him.

Onlookers burst into laughter after realizing that the man had scooped a dead pigeon off the sidewalk and hurled it at the other man at the end of an otherwise tense confrontation.

“Can’t believe he threw a dead pigeon!” user Kwasi Mensah wrote in a Facebook post along with the video, which has been watched more than 180,000 times. Mensah told U.K. tabloids that he recorded the footage while working as a doorman at a nearby bar.

The video clip, which was first posted online Aug. 15, shows the two men fighting outside a McDonald’s restaurant on the street in Liverpool late at night. The footage starts with a man in a jacket shouting and posturing in front of three other men, including a man in a green T-shirt.

“Come on, then!” the man in the jacket says. “Let’s have it!” he settles into a fighting stance and the other man reluctantly starts to defend himself. The man in the jacket takes several jabs while the man in green tries to swat the attacks away.

Onlookers encourage the man in green to walk away rather than engage the other man.

“I’m walking away. It’s useless,” the man says. “You’re a waste of my time,” he tells his attacker.

But he had other ideas. The man in the jacket suddenly lunges in and the two start trading blows.

Lou Bega’s Mambo Number 5 can be heard blaring from a nearby speaker as the fight gets underway. The two men trade blows as the man in green tries to avoid a fight.

Approximately 90 seconds into the encounter, the man in green can be seen giving the other man the middle finger, then kneeling down to pick up a dead pigeon on the sidewalk. In one swift motion he flings the dead bird at his attacker.

The camera pans away from the two fighters to show the pigeon’s body on the sidewalk. Two voices can be heard cackling.

“Attack of the pigeon!” one man says through his laughter. “The f**king poor pigeon.”

The video pans back to where the two men were fighting. The man in the green shirt can be seen walking away. The man in the jacket starts running after him just as the video ends.

Fighting is for the birds, anyway.

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