pigeonQ: My elderly, disabled mom owns and lives in a old two-story house in downtown Hutchinson. It is infested with pigeons.Throughout the past years I’ve worked hard to get rid of them, but nothing has worked. Twice, I’ve rented a long ladder and climbed to heights that no one should go without a safety harness in order to try and rid her house of these rodents. The roof is complex and has over 20 roof supports for the eves. I’ve tried every nonlethal approach to deter them: sticky glue, fake owls, nail beds, and blocking their access to perches with wood barriers. I’ve considered hiring a contractor to make alterations to the house, but I don’t know if that would help. I’ve researched this subject for years and I have not found an answer, other than having plenty of hawks around to eat them. Dillon’s grocery store has metal cups spinning on their roofs in an attempt to deter pigeons. According to the store manager they don’t work. I am to the point where I would consider using poison to kill the pigeons. I don’t think that poisoning them would stop other pigeons from nesting. We need help. Is there anyone who can help us?

First of all, I think you are a very good daughter. But, please be safe in your effort to rid your mother’s home of pigeons.

I spoke with Jeff Wells at Advance Pest Control. He says as frustrated as you may feel, poison is not the option. There is a product called Avitrol to get rid of pest-like pigeons. But, it causes them fall from the sky and frighten people. Instead rethink those methods you mentioned. Wells said they should work if properly installed.

For example spikes should work if properly deployed. However, Wells said a lot of times people leave too big a gap between spikes so that they won’t work.

There is an all-natural grape extract product that has been a success at repelling pigeons at Gowans stadium. If you have walked around the area you might have noticed the smell of grapes. Though it hasn’t completely eliminated the problem, it has made a difference.

“At night there will be hundreds of pigeons on the roof of the Cosmosphere while over at Gowans there will be three,” Wells said.

Wells said the product works, but costs $160 a gallon for the grape scent, plus it’s necessary to have a special machine to disperse the spray, which isn’t cheap.

“It’s high rent, but it works,” said Wells.

Wells says your best bet is to hire a contractor to eliminate the roosting sight. Then use Pignx bio-repellent or spikes and make sure they are spaced correctly. Forget owl decoys, he says, they only work if they are moved daily so birds think the owls are real.


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