No matter what type of business you’re in, pests may eventually become a problem. This is doubly true if you’re in the food business in London. Out of all the pests you may encounter, birds are probably one of the worst. Not only are these pests irritating, but they can also be extremely harmful to your business. As an example, here are a handful of reasons why pigeons are bad for business.

Pigeons can harm businesses in the following ways

1. Their faeces and the damage it causes

The biggest issue with pigeons is their faeces. These birds defecate constantly. To make matters worse, they very often do their business over your business. In addition to this, if their mess is on the ground, someone will eventually have to clean it up. And this is something you’ll have to do over and over again due to the health and safety risks associated with pigeon droppings.

Another reason why pigeons are bad for business, is because they defecate onto your roof. This is also an enormous hassle to clean up. More importantly, it can cause significant damage to your roof. The reason why is because pigeon faeces are extremely corrosive. This means that over time, accumulated droppings can eat through your roof, and also damage important infrastructure.

2. Annoying your patrons

The main problem with pigeons is that they often take over outside eating areas and harass patrons. This is probably the biggest reason why pigeons are bad for food industry and hospitality businesses. Anyone who has found themselves surrounded by a seething mass of pigeons pestering them for scraps can attest to this.

These birds are extremely annoying and off putting, and have even been known to defecate on customers. They also make a lot of noise. What’s more, over time the presence of these birds can actually dissuade people from purchasing your food or visiting your cafe. All in all, pigeons are a serious nuisance and should be dealt with by a professional London pigeon control team immediately.

3. Nesting on buildings

Pigeons are also bad for business because they nest on the property. The problem here is that pigeons can damage your building in several ways. Besides defecating, they also continuously shed their feathers.

pigeons nest in london business

These feathers can eventually block drains which may, in turn, lead to flooding and water damage. Along with this, their feathers blocks vents, chimneys, and air conditioning units.

Pigeons also cause damage whilst building their nests. Not to mention the mess and debris they leave you to deal with. The other issue with nests, is that pigeons often destroy parts of your roof in their hunt for building materials. These birds may also peck at and damage roofs and sections of your guttering.


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