Why are there so many of pigeons?

Feral pigeons are descended from wild rock doves and their populations have increased, especially in urban areas, in recent years.

Feral pigeons often form large flocks that roost on buildings, ledges and under bridges. They can often be found in loft spaces and empty buildings – anywhere that offers a small amount of shelter. Feral pigeons can breed all year round if food is in good supply and raise between three and six broods of two ‘squabs’ a year. Food is the most important factor determining the size of any pigeon population, and the best known, long term solutions to pigeon problems is to restrict its availability.

What do pigeons eat?

Their preferred diet is grain and seed, but they will scavenge food, take food from bird tables and eat household scraps and discarded takeaway foods.

Pigeons are wild birds capable of finding their own food. In a public area throwing food on to the ground can be considered as littering and will attract rats. Waste human food does not contain the essential vitamins the birds require and can lead to ill health and deformity.

Feeding pigeons in itself is not against the law but it is not necessary. It results in all year breeding that causes overcrowding. If feeding is reduced, their numbers will decline resulting in a smaller healthier flock with less need for drastic control measures.

Please do not feed the pigeons.


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