pigeon patrolNorbiton residents passing under a popular railway bridge were fed up of being dumped on by pigeons.

Nearly 100 people who lived near Norbiton Bridge signed a petition demanding that something be done to prevent the birds that lived in the rafters, making a mess.

Councillor Sheila Griffin said: “This is an ongoing problem and for some time many of my constituents have complained that they are sick of being dropped on by pigeons when they walk under the bridge.

“They have had expensive suits stained and the birds have also made a real mess of the pavements on Coombe Road.”

She added that it was the railway provider that should accept responsibility for the bird mess.

This was not the first time efforts had been made to get the birds to clean up their act.

The bridge had been pigeon-proofed some time before with netting, but so many of the birds had got caught in it that the plan was abandoned.

This time around, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds got involved to ensure that a strict protocol was adhered to and no pigeons suffered injury or untimely death.

A Kingston Council spokesman said it would cost an estimated £8,000 to pigeon proof the bridge.

He said: “A notice has been served on Network Rail requiring it to do the work under the provisions of the London Government Act.

“The time on the notice runs out at the end of January. So far Network Rail has not appealed, but it might.”

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