pigeons pigeon patrolVancouver, B.C. Canada, December 20 2013
Despite having installed more than 250,000 feet of bird spikes and a million feet of netting to keep pigeons off residential and commercial buildings in and around Vancouver, pigeon patrol expert Andrew MacBain from www.pigeonpatrol.ca says the pesky birds are winning the war.
“It’s worse than ever,” says the Surrey-based entrepreneur who has installed bird spikes and netting at BC Place, the BC Ferries terminals, BC Transit and other buildings throughout the Lower Mainland. “The pigeon population doubles every year.”

The mushrooming pigeon population in all the Canadian Provinces pose a threat to public health. “Most people don’t know it but, in addition to the threat to public health, pigeon droppings can also destroy water pipes and roof membranes,” MacBain says. “They also damage bridges and other structures. If the droppings aren’t flushed away, they dry out and turn into salt. Combine that with rain, and you get corrosive rust which weakens the steel support beams.”
That’s another reason why commercial property owners are anxious to log on to www.pigeonpatrol.ca and have Pigeon Patrol Products & Services protect their buildings and steel structures with bird spikes and netting.
“If they get the protective devices installed early enough, owners can save themselves thousands in damages,” MacBain says. “It’s a very low cost type of insurance.”Pigeon Patrol pigeon damage
In addition to BC Place, BC Ferries and Jim Pattison Group Signs, Pigeon Patrol Products & Services has installed bird spikes and netting for more than 250 property management and real estate companies. With the growing demand, Pigeon Patrol now sells all of their bird deterrents products right across Canada on their website www.pigeonpatrol.ca.
The company now installs sound and ultrasonic repeller bird control units on the roofs of shopping malls and warehouses. The pitch is high enough so that the pigeons hear it but humans don’t. The company is also testing an organic gel that repels the birds for up to two years at a time.
Pigeon Patrol Bird Spikes were designed in Canada and are made from stainless steel and other recyclable materials, which provide flexibility and durability. The bird spikes or stainless steel pigeon spikes come with a 10-year warranty.
Pigeon Patrol Products & Services has promoted its products at trade shows like Home & Garden Shows, Vancouver Build X, The PNE and this year PM Toronto Expo. – and recently succeeded in placing them with Rona, Home Hardware and Roofmart.
“The pigeons are winning,” he says. “They just keep breeding. But I have made a difference. They don’t land on the buildings I have protected with spikes and netting. And, over the last five years, I’ve installed protection for thousands of property owners. Vancouver has a pigeon problem. My buildings don’t.”

Remember to contact Pigeon Patrol for your best deference against Pigeons, seagulls and other birds anPigeon Patrol Service Truckd animals.