igeon Patrol UK BridgeCanada and the USA are not the only places that have problems with pigeons.

Pigeon Patrol found out in this story that just walking under a bridge in Leatherhead has become a health hazard because of the pigeon mess collected beneath it, according to a concerned resident.

A large number of the birds nest in the railway bridge over Guildford Road, causing excrement to build up on the pavement beneath.

Cobham Road resident Tim Albert, 66, told the Advertiser that, as a result, walking into town had become a misery.

“My concerns are on two levels – firstly it is extremely slippery, you have to walk very carefully. Secondly, there must be a health hazard. We hear more and more about bird flu now. It just seems unnecessarily unnecessary.

“The council did come and clean it two weeks ago but two weeks later it’s just as bad as it was. It’s completely unhygienic and it’s gross to walk through. When it’s raining it is even more slippery.

“It’s like skiing when you go through. You can’t walk into the road because of the cars. There’s a lot of houses up there and there’s no other route into Leatherhead.

“Every so often people get bombed on. It’s a rotten way to start your commute, to walk through this pigeon dirt.”

Chris Townsend, the leader of Mole Valley District Council (MVDC), explained that anti-pigeon netting had had to be removed from the bridge because it was found to be deteriorating and had caused birds to die after becoming entangled.

“In the meantime, we have stepped up the frequency of inspections and cleaning to minimize the impact for local residents, while we will ensure that a long-term solution is found.

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