5 Coolest Looking Pigeons

5 Coolest Looking Pigeons

Are you ready to see our top 5 picks for the coolest looking pigeons? Keep on scrolling! Last blog we talked about the Ice Pigeon, if you thought that looked cool, wait until you see what coming up on this blog!

For centuries, pigeon fanciers have used careful selection to create some of the most jaw-dropping pigeon breeds you’ll ever see. They look like they came straight out of the imaginations of artists, yet here they are, in all their unusually feathered glory.

Coolest Looking Pigeons

1. Frillback Pigeon

This breed is descended from rock pigeons, and through selective breeding has come to sport curls on the wing shield feathers, giving it an extra fancy appearance. While the frills look fun, judging these birds in competition is serious business, with points awarded based on color, the shape of its head, the shape of its body, the curl of its feathers and other criteria.

frillback pigeon
grey frillback pigeon

2. Barb Pigeon

The barb pigeon has been around for a while, dating as far back as the 1600s in England. Most notable about this pigeon is the wattling around the eyes and beak, which can take up to two years to fully develop into the fleshy flower-like ring around the eye.

barb pigeon

3. English Trumpeter Pigeon

This is one of the most popular breeds in the United States among pigeon fanciers, and is considered one of the most ornamental. That’s reasonable, considering its coloring, its fancy feathers around its head, and of course the multiple layers of very long feathers on its feet.

english trumpeter

4. Brunner Pouter Pigeon

Pouter pigeons look much as if they walk with their chests held high … very, very high. This is actually the “globe,” or the inflated crop, and according to fanciers, “should be round on the Brunner giving nearly the appearance of a ball on a stick.” In case you weren’t sure about the shape, “The globe must, I repeat must be ROUND AS A BALL. Not pear shaped, not oblong but ROUND AS A BALL.” So, round as a ball. On a stick.

brunner pouter pigeon

5. English Pouter Pigeon

The English pouter is a big larger than the Brunner, standing around 16 inches tall to the Brunner’s 13 inches. There’s an emphasis on the length of the bird, with nice long legs and a long slender body desired by breeders. What is interesting about the English pouter as well as other pouter breeds is their personalities — they are noted for being very friendly. Source

english pouter pigeon

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