08F6BC77000005DC-3323534-image-m-2_1447845895605SQUAWKING seagulls have proved to be an unlikely success in safeguarding shoppers at a historic North-East market from pigeon droppings.
In recent weeks, visitors to Darlington’s Covered Market may have noticed the sound of seagulls cawing while doing their daily shopping.

The noises, which come from a number of speakers hidden in the market, are part of a bird-scaring system designed to disperse pigeons who nest in the canopy.

The system has several programmes, from seagulls to birds of prey, and uses a natural distress call to ward off the problematic pigeons, whose droppings have become an issue for traders and visitors to the market.

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Senior markets officer, Albert Nowicki, said: “We’re trying to disperse the pigeons from places where they cause a health and safety issue in a humane way.

“It’s good to see that out scare crow acoustic system is starting to eradicate the problem, but I would like to encourage people to think before feeding the pigeons near food and retail establishments.”


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