Almost everyone is familiar with pigeons because they can be found in nearly all the parts of the world and share the places with humans as well. Numerous people are fond of keeping and feeding them. However, not everyone is comfortable with the damages caused by them.

These city pigeons like to live in open places as well as landscapes. They do not only cause harm to crops and grains but can be a pain in the neck for the owners of houses and apartment dwellers as well. The droppings of these birds are acidic which can destroy the machinery or metal and can be harmful to the buildings.

Furthermore, there is another reason to get rid of them is the infectious diseases they can cause due to their acidic droppings and dusty feathers. Their fallen feathers and the nesting stuff become the reason of blocked gutters and rainwater pipes. Humans, as well as other birds, can suffer because of pigeons.

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Diseases Caused By Pigeons

Group of pigeons on roof

Nests, feathers, and droppings of these birds carry harmful fungal materials which lead to the serious health hazards for humans as well as for other birds. The common diseases caused by them are:

  • Histoplasmosis

This is a respiratory illness caused by the aerial fungal spores when they are inhaled. Pigeon’s nests carry this type of fungus in the nest material which can escalate the human condition by severe illness leading to even death.

  • Cryptococcosis

The accumulated and dried droppings of pigeon everywhere are not only the wastes but also a significant source of infection caused by the fungus these droppings are occupied by. The illness starts with the lungs and skin infection which can further spread to the other parts of the body. It becomes fatal if left uncured.

  • Candidiasis

This is another form of fungal infection the pigeons spread which can make the humans suffer badly.

  • Psittacosis

This disease caused by a harmful virus, is mild and shows no symptoms. However, sometimes, it can become serious if it is not taken seriously.

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How To Get Rid Of Pesky Pigeons

Pigeons may be attractive for some people to keep them and feed them but the circumstances they can create cannot be avoided. They should be kept away to avoid the health hazards. There are several humane ways to get rid of them.

Sonic repellent devices are widely used to make the pigeon proofing homes, and these are eco-friendly repellents. Some people use oversized nets to cover the place where the pigeon rest so that they don’t cause further damage.

1. Make Roosting Spaces Less Appealing

Make the spaces uncomfortable on which they land. That can be done by installing spike strips because pigeons would certainly like to find another place to land if they see these strips. You can also make the nest areas difficult for them to stay by fastening the waterproof strings in the particular area so that they fail to balance themselves on the string. These newly installed barriers will bring peace at your place.

Get rid of pigeons on roof

Furthermore, pigeons avoid settling in the slippery areas, and you can easily create one by setting up sloped covering. Another important thing is not to make the mistake of feeding a pigeon. In fact, limit available food and remove the other food sources, your lawn is offering to these birds. They can create an alarming situation for you if you keep on feeding them.

2. Sealing Off Entrances

Seal all the places that can provide pigeons a way to make their nests and create the hindrance. Mostly, the places pigeons uses are attic and chimneys. Close their ways by fitting the steel mesh caps on these holes. Window air conditioning units cannot be ignored. They find it a very good place to make their nests, cover them with a net.

3. Scare Off The Pigeons

Birds afraid of several things. You can scare them to keep them away is another useful method. Don’t let them settle in place by applying the water pressure with a garden hose. They would undeniably not like to be pushed away and would prefer to dwell somewhere else.

Hang the wind chimes, a mirror of other reflecting stuff in your garden. Their eyes get irritated with the reflection. Owl deterrents are also used to scare the pigeons. Install the muted bird having distinguished owl feature at the roosting spaces.

How To Catch Pigeon By Hand

You can catch these birds even with bare hands but, for that reason, you have to create the situation where you can get your hands on them.

1. Locate the Nesting Place and Put the Bait

If you intend to catch the pigeon, the very first thing to do is identify the places where they mostly land. After that, put the pigeon baits to attract them. Avoid using the chemical baits. Put their favorite seeds or fruit at a particular location. Once they land in this location, don’t let them go.

2. Position The Ladder If The Pigeons At High Places

It is not necessary that all the nesting sites of the pigeons are near the ground. They also settle at high places where it is not easy to reach. In that case, bring the ladder in use. Place it near that location with a proper position where it is easy to access the area. Make sure that catching this way is safe for you because you can fall if the situation messes up.

3. Place And Set The Trap

Trap for catching pigeons

The Trap is one of the practical solutions to pigeon problem. There are various models easily available in the market. Grab a live Pigeon trap from the marketplace. Once you found the nesting and roosting places, now it’s time to make those places a source to catch the pigeons.

Bait the traps with the seeds or some other pigeon attractant, and set the trap in the nesting areas. Keep the check on the traps on a daily basis. If you find trapped pigeons, release them at some other location.

4. Keep Some Pigeons In The Trap

Pigeon is an intelligent animal. It may not be easy to catch them. You have to make all the possible ways to tempt them. One of the best tricks is, you can set a trap with pigeons already in it and provide them with food such as cracked seeds. These trapped pigeons will invite the other pigeons in the trap as well. That way, they won’t hesitate to enter the trap and will be easily caught.

Four Popular Home Remedies

If you have found the other ways ineffective, time consuming or expensive, try the household items to keep this creature away. You can find numerous things at your house that can help you solve this problem.

1. Honey To Remove PigeonsHoneycombs in closeup

Honey is an all-time-available item in any house. Bring it to use for your pigeon problem. Spread it at the place where pigeons roost or near the places of their nests. The sticky nature of honey will create a problem for pigeons to rest at a place. That is a natural way to get rid of this nauseating creature.

2. Pepper Powder

Homemade deterrents are always helpful. Discourage the pigeons to dwell and mess around at your place by using these natural remedies. Make all the expected ways of nesting of pigeon uncomfortable for them by spreading some spices or pepper powder around. Stop the pigeons before they make the situation uncontrollable for you. These deterrents will help you to keep these birds off.

3. Chilli Solution

Chilli solution works the same as pepper powder. That spicy solution is used in the way that is sprinkling near dwelling places. That is another way to avoid the destruction and health hazards.

4. Water Hose

Spray pigeons from water hose

Don’t let them settle in place by applying the water pressure with a standard water hose in your garden. It gets difficult for them to stay in that water spray. Do it the very first day you see a pigeon in you balcony before the whole flock decides to take your place.


Pigeons can create a mess that may not be seen as serious but can be destructive. One thing that cannot be compromised is your health. They are not only harmful to your garden but also a reason to spread fungal diseases. These diseases can be fatal and lead you to death.

Get rid of them even if you don’t find any disturbance initially. You can use the natural treatments to this problem or trap them to relocate them. Moreover, Eco-friendly alternative repellents are also available that can lessen your worries. Keep them away by removing everything that can attract them as soon as you see them. You can also get the pigeon control services from professionals if the situation becomes out of control.


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