pigeon patrolA few years back when Gordon Snell became Mayor of Huntsville, and in his first week on the job, he looked through the paperwork on his desk and saw an estimate from a Toronto area Pest control Company to rid the Town Hall of nesting pigeons.

So the story goes Gord went to see Ted Hares then the Town Clerk to ask what the high price estimate was all about. After hearing the story, and finding out that he could charge up to $100.00 on his own, Gord walked down the street to Stedman’s and spent $12.00 on rubber snakes.

He took them back to the Town Hall and climbed up to the roof, placed the snakes in pigeon nesting areas and went back to work.

The pigeons migrated to another area of Town, and as far as I know, never came back.

Seems they don’t like snakes.

Would this work at the Summit Center?

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